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Oshkosh Premier Boat Rentals!

Welcome to MidWest Rental Company, the Fox Rivers premier boat rental business! We are a family operated small business and veteran owned. We take pride in our home of Oshkosh and want to help you get out and explore it. We have the newest boats in town, great customer service, a simple easy location, and a very clean facility. Contact us for special requests, because we know everyone’s plans are different than what we might offer on our website. Pick up location or times that you don’t see, just call or message us and we will do our best to make it work. Your safety is important, our reputation is great, and our city is awesome! We encourage you to enjoy the beautiful Fox River and Lake Butte des Morts! Note: Unfortunately Lake Winnebago is off limits for our rental fleet due to shallow unmarked areas. 

Business Hours: 9:00AM to 7:00PM Daily

Phone Number: (920) 718-9577

Address: 1000 Bauman Street, Oshkosh, WI 54902

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Gift Cards

Need to gift someone an awesome trip! Gift cards now available starting at $20. Purchase online and receive your gift card code immediately though email. The code can be redeemed for any of our rentals during the checkout process. All purchases are kept on file in case the code is lost. 



Deluxe Pontoon

Best for six adults and two children. Cast off on your aquatic adventures in Oshkosh with this brand new 2021 SunChaser Vista, our most family friendly pontoon boat. The Vista cruising model comes with a super comfortable lounge seating, custom molded console and a 5-step retractable aluminum boarding ladder. The included convenience package will let you enjoy premium upgrades like a Jensen Stereo, docking lights, tilt steering and mood lighting. 

Weight limit; 1050 lbs. No more than 1050 lbs or 8 people.

You will get a full tank of gas to start, but we do not pay for your refill. Please allow for 30 min before your trip so we can hook up your phone to the audio system, and go over all the controls. 



Deluxe Pontoon

Best for seven adults and two children. The SunChaser 20 Lounger pontoon boat is a great choice for accommodating larger groups with its maximized seating capacity of 9 people and all-day amenities, including a easy to use swim ladder, optional Bluetooth and Bimini top. All rentals boats will come with life jackets and docking equipment for your to explore our beautiful city.

Weight limit; 1200 lbs. No more than 1200 lbs or 9 people.

You will get a full tank of gas to start, but we do not pay for your refill. Please allow for 30 min before your trip so we can hook up your phone to the audio system, and go over all the controls. 



Deluxe Pontoon

Best for nine adults and two children. The SunChaser 22′ Pontoon boat is a great choice for accommodating larger groups with its maximized seating capacity of 11 people and all-day amenities, including an easy to use swim ladder, optional Bluetooth and Bimini top. All rentals boats will come with life jackets and docking equipment for your to explore our beautiful city.

Weight limit; 1500 lbs. No more than 1500 lbs or 11 people.

You will get a full tank of gas to start, but we do not pay for your refill. Please allow for 30 min before your trip so we can hook up your phone to the audio system, and go over all the controls, safety features and waivers.




Single Rider Kayaks are the Apex 100X. Weight capacity is 275 lbs. 

Tandem Rider Kayaks are the RiverGorge 130XP. Weight capacity is 500 lbs. 




Paddleboards are Single Rider and are the  Performer BodyGlove 11 ISUP models. Weight capacity is 250 lbs.

Stop in to our Convenience Shack for ice cold beverages and beer!

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you need to be to drive a Motorized boat?

21 years old to operate a Motorized boat. If you are born after 1-1-1989 you are required to have a Boater Safety License.

What if I don't have a Boater Safety License but I'm older than 21?

If you are born after 1-1-1989 you would have to get a temporary License or your full Boaters Safety License.

What if I have a boater license from another state?

Just bring it with you. We do a basic knowledge test for our operators to make sure they know what they are doing.

How old do you need to be to rent a non motorized boat?

18 years old with photo ID to rent a Kayak or PaddleBoard. If you are under 18 years old, you will simply need to rent with an adult to paddle along with you.

What do you need to rent?

We will collect a copy of your drivers license along with an insurance waiver. Before your renal starts we will have a check in and check out signature that reviews the rules and expectations of the rental.

Do you allow overnight rentals?

Yes but based on our own discretion. Meaning we will ask a lot of question about how/where/when/why. We have had issues in the past with renters not tying up the boats properly and damages being caused from docks overnight.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel 5 days or more before your original reservation you will receive a full refund (Minus NON-REFUNDABLE 4% Booking Fee). If it is LESS than 5 days before your reservation we will refund 50% of the rental or try our best to accommodate a rescheduling. NO refund if you cancel on the day of your rental.

This policy includes: CANCELED TRIPS, SICKNESS (including COVID-19), and any other instance where THE RENTER (you) cancels the reservation. We will always hold a FULL CREDIT for you in these events. This will be a credit ONLY from there on out, (you can’t reschedule then say you are more then 7 days out).

Do you have everything I need to rent?

Yes, the essentials are supplied for you to be safe and have fun. We have a large selection of life jackets, and the boats are equipped with all safety requirements.

Can I bring my Dog?

Yes, but please know that there will be a pet fee of $50 upfront. If the boat is not returned in the same condition that you got it there will be an addition cleaning fee of $100. Please clean up after yourself and your dog and everyone will be happy. If there is any damages the renter will be charged for full replacement. Please do not let the dog go onto the seats.

Can I reschedule?

We ask that you reschedule 24 hr before your rental starts so another party can book it. We will be happy to help switch the time or day based on availability.

What if I don't show up for my rental?

Because you rented that time slot, no-one else could use it, so if you don't show you will still be charged.

What if I show up late to my rental?

Your time starts when your booking starts, we will not give away your boat but you will need to return the boat at the time it is supposed to be back. We run a tight schedule and the next party will be waiting.

Do I have to pay the security deposit up front?

Yes, your deposit is required before rental. You will receive the deposit back if no damages or issues occur during your rental and you sign off the check out form.

Tell me about your damage policy!

A before and after inspection will be done with the renter, and a check in and check out waiver will need to be signed before the deposit is retuned. You as the renter are responsible for all damages, we do not carry insurance for rental damage.

What If I leave before I sign the final paperwork?

Your deposit will not be returned.

Can I bring food and drinks on the boats?

Yes, but a cleaning fee of $250 will be charged if you return the boat and it is not clean. We encourage everyone to have a good time, but we expect to see our boat retuned the same why we give it to you.

What happens if there is damage or stains?

We have had sunscreen and juice stains before, if we are unable to clean the boat you will be charged to replace the seat or damaged components.

Am I responsible for gas?

Yes. You will receive the boat full of gas, and we will top off the boat when you get back. That can be paid separately or deducted from your deposit.

What if I'm late to return my boat?

Call us right away and let us know where you are and why you are late. Based on the schedule you can be charged for the time missed for the next party. Please allow yourself time to return the boat.

What if the party in front of me is late?

We will try to get you on the water with another boat if possible, if not we will get you more time or refund if we have to. Our reputation is the most important thing to us, so we will do our best to make you happy and make sure you get what you paid for.

Why are your rentals more expensive than other cities?

Because we have new boats, clean boats, and amazing service with good liability insurance. Our cost are higher, but our experience is better.

Who do I call if I get in an accident?

911 is always the first call. Take care of your party and yourself first. Once that has been done, please call us so we can help as well. Renter is responsible for all damages during your rental wither it is your fault or not, including boat replacement cost if totaled. We recommend you make sure your personal insurance companies can and will cover you for a boat renal.

Do you have sunscreen/hats/glasses?

Yes we have an amazing new gift shop that offers some summer essentials. We also offer beer/beverages/ice.

What if I am from out of town, and don't know my way around?

We are happy to have all visitors to our "City on the Water"! We have maps to share, and a large map to show you where to go. The river connects to two lakes and is very easy to understand. We will also show you where not to go, to make sure you don't get stuck in shallow waters.

What if I don't know how to drive a boat?

Then don't rent a boat without someone else who is familiar that can operate for you. We always go over our boats with the check in process, but recommend an operator that knows how to drive a boat. Including the Watercraft's, we don't recommend first time drivers. We recommend you complete the boater safety course even if you are aged out of the requirement.

Are there places to go and eat with my family?

Yes, Oshkosh has a great selection of restaurants and downtown access from the river. We will provide ropes and bumpers for you to stop. Please be aware that you are responsible for properly tying up the boat when you stop. We will inspect the rub rails and hope there is no damages, parking boats on the river is not an easy task.

What happens if I get pulled over?

You are responsible for following all the rules of the water way. We are here to help with any questions, and we will also give advise to every driver. Please be cautious of all boaters and signs when you are out on the water. There are clear signs that tell you where the slow no wake zones are, and an easy rule of thumb is "watch the other boats" if they are going slow so should you.

What is slow no wake?

Slow no wake is the slowest possible maneuverable speed you can go while still controlling the direction of your boat. Typically around 3 mph.

Are jet skis (PWC/Watercraft/SeaDoo) dangerous?

Yes! Powersports like our rentals that we offer can go fast, and are dangerous and you should expect to get wet. Controls of a boat are not the same as a car or other vehicles. Please do some research or ride with someone who know how to safety drive.

Can I pull a Tube?

Yes, tubes are allowed to be pulled behind our some of our pontoon boats. The 11 passenger pontoon or the Jet Boats are allowed, because they have the power. We do offer tube renal with those boats for an additional fee.

What if I suck up rocks/weeds in my SeaDoo?

Call us if you can't get the weeds out, rescue fees will be charged and an inspection of the intake will be done. Impellers will need to be replaced if damaged, you are responsible for the cost of any damages or labor to fix the machine. Missed time will not be refunded if you brake our SeaDoo.

Can I share my ride time with someone else?

No, our prices are based on insurance cost and waivers per operator. We will be happy to work with you and your party to get everyone on the water, but the prices may very based on how many people want to operate during the rental time. Our prices our based on one operator per rental time, so the cost can change.

Can I have a passenger on my rental?

Each rental boat has a weight limit, both motorized and non motorized, please call us to verify. We want everyone to be safe, and not following the recommendations on a river way can be very dangerous.

What happens if my boat brakes down or I can't start it?

Call us right away, we have brand new equipment so we don't experience that issue very often. However we understand that sometimes equipment does fail, and we will accommodate your party accordingly and will make sure you get the time on the water you paid for. If the failure is your fault, we will inspect the issue and communicate with you for the charges to fix it. We are not here to charge anyone for no reason, our reputation means more than anything.

What happen if I run out of gas?

There is gas available along the river if you run low, we also have gas available to purchase if you come back to the Harbor. You are responsible for gas cost. If you run out of gas and can't start the boat, you are responsible for the cost of getting the boat towed or gas brought to you.

What if I want to end my rental sooner than my return time.

You can return the rental at any time, however you reserved that time slot so I can't rent to anyone else. You will not receive a refund. We always want people to enjoy their time with us, if another type of rental is available we will try to accommodate you to have fun doing something else. Example would be, if you and your party do not feel comfortable driving the jet ski you booked, we could get you on some kayaks.

What happen if someone gets hurt?

Call 911 if you need medial assistance. If when you return and have any injuries within your party, you need to let us know right away. We do have liability insurance, however you must let us know so we can fill out an incident report to prove that it happened during your rental time.

Do you have a waiting area?

Yes we do, we have picnic tables and chairs available for people who don't want to participate in the rentals activities. Our gift shop does have AC/Heat however it does not have seating inside.

Do you have bathrooms?

Yes, our bathroom is located on site at the Fox Harbor Marina.

What happens if we have a mess on the boat?

We do have cleaning supplies and a hose available to clean up a mess. The hose is also available for anyone to use during the rental time. If additional cleaning is needed from one of our team members charges can apply. We are happy to help with standard pick up and cleaning, but stains and major messes are not a free service we offer.